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Biobritte Agro Solutions Private Limited is based in Kolhapur, Maharashtra. Company is working on research and development in the agricultural biotechnology domain. Biobritte is currently top mushroom company in western maharashtra. Biobritte supplies different types of mushroom spawn or seeds. Biobritte is world's top mushroom grower which grows more than 20 types of mushrooms. Biobritte also provides different services such as mushroom training, mushroom contract farming, mushroom consultancy, mushroom supply, mushroom spawn supply, pure culture supply, mushroom value added products and much more.Biobritte has trained upto 3000 trainees on commercial mushroom cultivation. Biobritte also an exporter of mushrooms. Biobritte also conducts mushroom conferences, mushroom training sessions and mushroom webinars. Biobritte also started virtual mushroom consulting for Indian and foreign customers. contact us for more information.
  • Mushroom Products

    • Biobritte is dedicated online mushroom store for India. We offer plenty of mushroom products such as: “Dried , fresh, mushroom spawn, mushroom powder, mushroom kits, mushroom food products and much more. Check out hereRead More
  • Distributorship

    • As an affiliate, you can earn a commission on our products. Earning affiliate income couldn't be easier. You simply refer your friends, clients, co-workers.Check out here. read all about process here.Read More
  • Franchise

    • We are opening franchise opportunities for those who want to start mushroom training center in their districts or cities.Check out here. Earn stable business and earn high returns by working with us.Read More
  • Mushroom Contract Farming

    • To support mushroom farmers biobritte does mushroom buyback from farmers. Currently Oyster mushrooms, ganoderma mushrooms and shittake mushrooms contract farming is being done. Read More
  • Mushroom Consultancy

    • We provide strategic consulting for decision support, organizational improvement and operative execution. We advise farmers in areas of production, market, new trends and developments in the industry. Read More
  • Mushroom Inputs Shop

    • We are currently seting up a mushroom shop that stocks all mushroom products, inputs, machinery, guides, other farm equipment useful in a mushroom farm,more. explore our Distributorship and franchise opportunities. Read More
  • Spawn production Training

    • Biobritte has a tradition of training people in spawn production. We have all this technology and experience in-house.Interested candidates may contact 9923806933 or 9673510343 for more information. Read More
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    • Join us at conferences, workshops, exhibitions and expos to find out recent groundbreaking research, science, technology and applications of mushrooms. Read More
  • Mushroom Training and Mentorship

    • Learn Mushroom Cultivation Training with Experts.Mushroom farming solely depend on some skills to make it a success. Our training’s empower farmers in understanding mushrooms, production, costs, markets. Read More
  • Mushroom farmers Networking forum

    • We bring farmers and other mushroom lovers togather through our networking program. We have FREE monthly networking event, Facebook group, A meetup group, Whatsapp group and more. Learn more about our events. Contact us for more information. Read More
  • Mushroom Training Centers

    • We bring farmers and other mushroom lovers togather through our networking program. We have FREE monthly networking event, Facebook group, A meetup group, Whatsapp group and more. Learn more about our events. Contact us for more information. Read More
  • Mushroom Recipes

    • Read about how to use mushrooms. How to clean? how to make indian, european, american and snacks from different types of mushrooms. Read More

कमी गुंतवणूकीत मशरूम व्यवसाय सुरु करा.

कमी गुंतवणूकीत मशरूम व्यवसाय सुरु करा.
***सध्या फ़क़्त कोल्हापूर व सांगली भागातील लोकांसाठी
मशरूम फार्मर ग्रुप चे सदस्य व्हा आणि मश्रूम उगवून परत आम्हाला द्या. नियमित उत्पादन करून नियमित रोजगार कमवा.

मश्रूम शेती म्हणजे नेमके काय आहे?
आळींबी म्हणजे अगॅरीकस प्रवर्गातील आहारात अन्न म्हणून उपयोगी बुरशी होय. या बुरशीची पूर्ण वाढ झाल्यानंतर यास फळे येतात व या फळास “आळींबी” किंवा “भूछत्र” असे म्हणतात. तसेच इंग्लिश्मध्ये मश्रूम असे म्हणतात. आळींबीचे निसर्गात अनेक प्रकार आहेत. अनेक शेतकरी शेतीला जोडधंदा म्हणून करून करतात.कमी गुंतवणूक आणि जास्त फायदा असे याचे महत्व आहे.धिंगरी हि सर्वात कमी भांडवलात आणि आहारात उपयुक्त अशी मश्रुमची एक जात आहे. धिंगरी मश्रूम प्रकारामध्ये वेगवेगळ्या रंगाचे मश्रूम असतात. मशरूम लर्निंग सेंटर कोल्हापूर जवळपास दोन वर्षाहून मशरूम वर काम करत आहे.

मश्रूम प्रशिक्षण, मश्रूम बियाणे व इतर सर्व सुविधा.

मश्रूम शेती बद्दल सर्व शंका आणि माहिती साठी संपर्क साधा.

संपर्क : 9923806933 / 9673510343



Join our Mushroom farmer Group

  • Lifetime Membership: 1000 Rs 
  • Per year marketing service charges: 2000 Rs
  • First cycle: 100 Farmers 
  • In first cycle only 100 farmers will be taken
  • Deadline for membership registration: 5th Feb 2020
  • Production Target: 5 kg dry oyster mushrooms/farmer (Production target will be increased by stepwise manner)
  • Dry rates:  Quality A: 470 Rs/Kg            Quality B: 440/Kg          Quality C: 400/Kg 
  • Type of mushrooms: Grey Oyster and white oyster
  •   Find more details, terms and conditions and other info here:
  •    9923806933 or email:


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Paul Stamets

“Of all mushrooms commonly consumed, oyster mushrooms stand out as exceptional allies for improving human and environmental health. These mushrooms enjoy a terrific reputation as the easiest to cultivate, richly nutritious and medicinally supportive.”