Biobritte Agro Solutions Pvt. Ltd. working and expanding into Hitech farming along with Research and development consulting. We supply our different products and consult international and local agro based businesses and start ups or projects. Contact us at

Welcome to Future of Agricultural Biotechnology

Biobritte Agro Solutions Private Limited is based in Kolhapur, Maharashtra. Company is working on research and development in the agricultural biotechnology domain. Our company promotes Organic Farming and Urban Agriculture. We provide all solutions for Agricultural Problems and Projects. We promote 100% organic food production. We are also into food product development industry.Biobritte Agro is divided into seven units.
  • Research and Training

    • We are offering positions for Agriculture, Biotechnology, Food science, Microbiology and Pharmaceutical science studeRead More

Kolhapur Mushroom Products available in Kolhapur, Parbhani, Aurangabad

👉Our Products are available at Kolhapur, Aurangabad, and Parbhani now.
and shipping or courier is available in All India locations around 12000 Pincodes.
👉We are happy to announce that our all products are available in Aurangabad and Parbhani.

👉Soon we will be having distributors in all cities in Maharashtra.
👉Our High quality products include dry mushrooms, mushroom powder, mushroom pickle and mushroom cookies.
👉Contact us at 9923806933
Kolhapur Representative: 9923806933
Parbhani Representative: 9420888285
Auranagabad Representative: 8600376777
We are bringing you kolhapuri mushroom products all over maharashtra and India.

👉Alternatively you can buy our products on:


Become distributor of Biobritte Agro-Innovative Mushroom products

Become distributor of Biobritte Agro-Innovative Mushroom products
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Biobritte Agro Solutions Private Limited India is appointing distributors in all India locations. We want to appoint distributors or resellers in all states of India at district level, metro politician city level.

About us: Biobritte is involved in Mushroom growing, Mushroom Food processing, and Mushroom Research. We currently have 5 products launched and still 44 about to launch. Our Headquarter based in Kolhapur Maharashtra, India.

Why to choose our distributorship:
1. High quality products
2. Innovative and never launched products
3. Made using High quality mushrooms grown in own farm
4. Rapidly growing company
5. International Business reputation is growing day by day
6. High margin for distributors.
7. Marketing support and strategy guidance
8. As we are not interested to sell at local cities in India. Our company mainly will be involved in exports so all our distributors have chance to reach locally and get economical benefits. Except our Headquarter we will not be selling our products in India.

What type of products we have:
Dry Mushrooms, Mushroom powder, Mushroom by products (Mushroom cookies, mushroom pickles for example.), Medicinal Mushroom extracts, Mushroom tinctures, Mushroom Supplements, Ready to eat foods, Ready to cook foods and many more.

Eligibility criteria and benefits:
1. All interested persons.
2. Organic stores, Food stores, Malls, Shops
3. Each distributor will be given 70 Kms area
4. Deposit amount: 25000
5. Brand fee: Nil for first year
6. Will be declared as official distributor and will be helped for marketing through our channels.

What is procedure to become distributor:
1. Please read all details on this page-                
2. Contact us for distributor form.
3. Deposit security amount and legal paper work.
4. Will be declared as official distributor and u can start selling.

Other benefits:
Free marketing material, brochures, Marketing strategy guidance and other special benefits.

Contact us:
Phone: +91-9923806933 


Red Reishi Mushroom Training India

Red Reishi consumption has also been shown to decrease gastric acid, which, in excess, can lead to the formation of peptic and gastric ulcers.
It has also been shown to regulate bowel movements, relieving symptoms of constipation and diarrhea, such
as that found in irritable bowel syndrome.

Reishi Mushroom Cultivation Training: 9 July  2019 to 11 July  2019 (Three days training)

Register here:
Contact: +91-9923806933
Whatsapp: +91-9923806933
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Biobritte Fungi School India

Biobritte Fungi School is unit of Biobritte Agro Solutions Private Limited India.

  • Biobritte Fungi School is established to help local and International Mushroom Businessman, Entreprenurs.
  • Biobritte offers Lab training for local and International Entreprenurs.
  • Biobritte shares knowledge of world class mushroom experts for commercial spawn-production experience through Technical Hands on courses.
  • Biobritte shares knowledge of world class mushroom experts for commercial spawn-production experience through Technical Hands on courses.

1. Substrate and mushroom production - group training
2. Spawn production -group training
3. Spawn production -individual training
4. Lab design and consultancy - Individual

Why Biobritte Fungi School?

  • We are one of first kind of Mushroom company in India which focuses at Hi-tech mushroom farming.
  • We can help you to plan different kind of mushroom spawn production and cultivation technology.
  • We can help you to troubleshoot your currently running project.
  • We can give you onsite training at your place worldwide.
  • We offer high class and cutting edge knowledge sharing with our trainees.
  • We also offer high class pure cultures and spawn.
  • Other technological assistance
  • lay- out and organization of spawn labs
  • Supply, purchase and installation of machines
  • Training of personnel on site worldwide
  • production start-up on site
  • Helping you all time at any stage of your production cycle

Contact us

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Reishi Mushroom Training-3 Days

Now learn Reishi or Ganoderm Mushroom cultivation with Mushroom Learning Center Kolhapur.

Content of Training:

1. Introduction to Reishi mushrooms
2. Health benefits of Reishi mushrooms
3. Economic importance of Reishi mushrooms
4. Opportunities in Reishi Mushrooms cultivation
5. How to start cultivation
6. Substrate and substrate preparation
7. Required growing house facilities
8. Low cost mushroom growing
9. Reishi mushroom products
10. Marketing strategy
11. Visit to mushroom farm

If you are interested please make sure you register in advance. We do not entertain direct people.

Fees: 4200 Rs per person

Register here:

What will given at training- Mushroom kit, Mushroom Booklet, Certificate.

Food or accomodation is not included in fees.

Tea and snack will be provided.

Register here:

Contact: +91-9923806933

Whatsapp: +91-9923806933

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Mushroom Consultant in Indonesia

Biobritte agro is expanding our mushroom projects in Indonesia.

  • We can help you to grow different type of mushrooms edible or medicinal mushrooms.
  • Our team of expert will help you to plan layout of spawn laboratory designa and mushroom growing hourses.
  • We can help you to plan mushroom production and growing projections
  • We can help you to do branding of your mushrooms produtsa and can help for marketing.
  • technical staff solutions
  • Mushroom product ideas and required facility set up


Mushroom Spawn is available in all Maharashtra

Mushroom Spawn is available.

Type of spawn available-

Grey Oyster

White oyster
Pink Oyster 
Yellow oyster
Blue Oyster
Milky Mushrooms
and other will be made available on demand.

Please try to book spawn before to make us deliver to you early.

Contact- 9923806933

**Please contact us for price details**

Small Scale Commercial mushroom production-Training-Kolhapur

How to start mushroom farm in Maharashtra, India?

This event is geared toward small-scale production of edible oyster mushrooms for commercial use. It focus on low cost growing oyster mushrooms.

  • What you will learn?
  • What is mean by oyster mushrooms?
  • What are the types of oyster mushrooms?
  • Structure of oyster mushroom
  • Mushroom house infrastructure
  • Equipment and related things
  • Indoor temperature and humidity control
  • What are the different types of substrates can be used for oyster mushroom growing?
  • Substrate sterilization
  • Spawning
  • How to grow it?
  • Selection of substrates
  • Harvesting of mushrooms
  • Selling of mushrooms
  • Marketing strategy of mushroom selling
  • Mushroom by products
  • Demonstration and practical process will be performed by our mushroom expert and it will be also be performed by our all attendees.
  • Bring notebook pen and water-food if you need

You will get mushroom growing kit and mushroom booklets


Biobritte Agro Solutions Pvt Ltd India

Biobritte Agro Solutions Pvt Ltd India                                   

Biobritte Agro Solutions Private Limited India
Contact Name
Parimal Udgave
Position in the company
Number of Employees
10 Employees
Country of Head Quarters
State / Province
Nearest major city

Postal Address
11 th Lane, Kallapa Plaza, Third Floor, Above Adinath Bank, Jaysingpur
Web Site Address
Facebook Page
Whatsapp Activated Number

About Business
Business Summary
Biobritte Agro Solutions Pvt Ltd is top mushroom research and training which is focussed at mushroom cultivation and promotion goal.
Business Description
Biobritte Agro Solutions is agro company which is established in 2018 by Parimal Udgave who is alumini of Sheffield Hallam University, Great Britain.
Some of the priority areas of company are:
  • promotion of mushrooms
  • Cultivation of mushrooms
  • Creating awareness regarding nutritional quality in socioeconomical classes
  • Supplying mushrooms
  • supplying mushroom seeds or spawn
  • Mushroom by products
  • Third party mushroom products distribution
  • International Marketing
  • Mushroom Export
  • Mushroom biology research
Biobritte Agro Solutions company own seven units under it. Mushroom learning center organizes mushroom cultivation trainings to promote interest of mushrooms in local people in western maharashtra region.
Company is planning to expand its operation to south asian countries by establishing sub-offices in upcoming years. It is also collabrating with international companies. It targets to use India's potential to manufacture and export mushrooms worldwide.
Company also targets to create scientific potential in western maharashtra by giving internships to students who are related with biological sciences.
Company's 2020 vision:
  • To reach every corner of India.
  • To create job and entreprenurship opportunities for employed or jobless youth in india.
  • To establish subsidiary pharma and food company for medicianal products and mushroom by products manufacturing.
  • Along with business goal Biobritte targets to change the future of mushroom market, india's position in Mushroom business sector.
  • To create hygienic mushrooms and healthy mushrooms to meet demand of the world.
Products / Services
  1. Mushroom spawn
  2. Mushrooms
  3. Mushroom growing kits
  4. Mushroom Cultures
  5. Mushroom By Products
  6. Mushroom Blocks
  7. Mushroom Compost
  1. mushroom growing consultancy
  2. mushroom training
  3. Mushroom internships
Major Customers
India, China, Singapore, USA, UK, Belgium, Middle east

Book your seat for Mushroom Cultivation Training

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Our Signature Mushroom product

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“Of all mushrooms commonly consumed, oyster mushrooms stand out as exceptional allies for improving human and environmental health. These mushrooms enjoy a terrific reputation as the easiest to cultivate, richly nutritious and medicinally supportive.”