Food Safety and Standards Authority of India (FSSAI)

Food Safety and Standards Authority of India is a statutory body established under the Ministry of Health & Family Welfare, Government of India. Biobritte holds state level FSSAI license since establishment.

ISO 9001:2015 Quality Management System (QMS)

ISO 9001:2015 is defined as the international standard that specifies requirements for a quality management system (QMS). Recognized by International Accreditation Forum (IAF) & Emirates International Accreditation Centre (EIAC) .

ISO 22000:2018 Food Safety Management System (FSMS)

ISO 22000 is a Food safety management system which provides requirements for any organization in the food industry with objective to help to improve overall performance in food safety. Recognized by International Accreditation Forum (IAF) & IAS.

Hazard Analysis Critical Control Point (HACCP)

HACCP certification is an international standard defining the requirements for effective control of food safety. Recognized by SPC.

Good manufacturing Practice (GMP)

Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP) certification ensures the integrity of our food manufacturing process as well as compliance with food safety regulations. Recognized by GQNET.


Startup India is an initiative of the Government of India.

Maharashtra Pollution Control Board (MPCB)

The Maharashtra Pollution Control Board implements a range of environmental legislation in the state of Maharashtra, India for Industrial Pollution Control.

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    Mushrooms are a good meat substitute although they are not packed with protein. However these little miracles surpass meat in many characteristics: they are rich sources of vitamins and minerals for instance selenium, zinc, vitamin B1, B2, B5, B6 and B12.


    Ready to drink (often known as RTD) packaged beverages are those sold in a prepared form, ready for consumption. Examples include iced tea and alcopops.Mushrooms such as ganoderma, chaga are best flavour enhancer.


    Ready To Make beverages or RTM beverages can be made from different types of mushrooms with innovative and unique taste. They might be with or without other formulations.


    Extruded food products are one of the cereal product categories in which an increased fibre level would offer a nutritional benefit. However, Mushrooms can be also used in Extruded snacks or food products.


    Mushrooms can be used in base for flavours in ice cream and desserts. Mushroom can be added as flour substitutes.


    Oyster mushrooms already started to change the future bakery industries. Oyster mushrooms can be used in effectively fully or partially in bakery foods such as cookies, breads and lot of products.

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MycoNutra® is top mushroom brand owned by Biobritte Agro Solutions Private Limited India. MycoNutra® brand covers different types of mushrooms in different forms such as fresh mushrooms, dry mushrooms, mushroom powder, mushroom extracts and mushroom tinctures. Biobritte grows, processes, analyses and manufactures all these products Internationally accredited and audited in house facilities.

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