Biobritte Agro Solutions Pvt. Ltd. working and expanding into Hitech farming along with Research and development consulting. We supply our different products and consult international and local agro based businesses and start ups or projects. Contact us at

About us

Biobritte Agro Solutions Private Limited
 is based in Kolhapur, Maharashtra. Company is working on research and development in the agricultural biotechnology domain.
       Founded By Mr. Parimal Udgave and coworkers in 2018, Biobritte Agro Solutions has in a short period of time emerged as a leader in Mushroom Production and Research development.

Biobritte Agro Solutions Pvt. Ltd. has been established as a major mushroom research and training company in western Maharashtra with primary objective “to produce, promote, trading, marketing, developing agriculture produce includes Mushrooms and its cultivation and other ancillary processes.” Currently we are promoting mushroom cultivation and necessary support (Spawn supply) in the region of western Maharashtra, specifically in Kolhapur, Sangli, Ratnagiri, Kankavali, Sindhudurg, Kankavali, Belgaum (Karnataka) and Goa. We started by establishing “Mushroom Learning Center” which provides cultivation training and provides spawn and other support to people. Now we are reaching in other states of India.

Besides that, we are expanding our business operations in South East Asian Countries. We divided our company goals in different products and services. Our products include mushrooms, mushroom products, mushroom spawn. Other than that other agricultural fresh, dehydrated produce and raw food materials. 
           Our services include mushroom project consultancy, Mushroom Training sessions for Local (Unit-Mushroom Learning Center Kolhapur) and International Future Mushroom entreprenurs (Biobritte Fungi School). Our other services inclue consultancy services for Agro-Bio-Food projects. 

There is a great need for research, training and support to the mushroom industry in India. We are very keen to commercialize different mushroom types which can boost the possibility of economic growth of region as well as healthy lifestyle of people. We also approached some milk protein companies to replace it with mushroom protein. Research and extension activities on mushroom have to be conducted to boost its use as well as cultivation.

We are also planning to launch more than 40 mushroom derived foods to local people which will surely boost and promote mushroom cultivation in regions of Maharashtra. 


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