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Split Gill Mushroom Liquid Spawn

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Product Name: Split Gill Mushroom

Scientific Name: Schizophyllum commune 

Product Type: Liquid


Split Gill is unique in the sense that it is neither a true gilled mushroom nor a polypore but something in between.  It is believed that gilled mushrooms evolved from polypores, and Split Gill appears to be that intermediate link between the two.


Schizophyllum commune is usually described as a morphological species of global distribution, but some research has suggested that it may be a species complex encompassing several cryptic species of more narrow distribution, as typical of many mushroom-forming Basidiomycota.

Split Gill Mushrooms is a species of fungus in the genus Schizophyllum. The mushroom resembles undulating waves of tightly packed corals or loose Chinese fans. "Gillies" or "split gills" vary from creamy yellow to pale white in color. The cap is small, 1–4 centimeters wide with a dense yet spongey body texture.

Medicinal Importance

1. Schizophyllum commune extracts had curative properties against bacteria and fungi infections and hence can be used as potential antimicrobial agent3.

2. Lectin from commune showed mitogenic activity on mouse splenocytes, antiproliferative activity toward tumor cell lines, and inhibitory activity toward HIV-1 reverse transcriptase4.

3. Schizophyllum commune produces the polysaccharide Schizophyllan which shows considerable anti-cancer activity. It is proved useful for recurrent and inoperable gastric cancer, as well as increasing survival times of patients with head and neck cancers without any side effects5.

4. Polysaccharides and phenolic compounds present in commune express antioxidant properties. Thus, using this mushroom in the daily diet as a source of natural antioxidants might be beneficial for human health in preventing or reducing oxidative damage.

Nutritional Importance and Benefits  

  • Split Gill extract has demonstrated promising results in cancer studies as an adjunct to standard treatment with chemotherapy or radiation.  
  • In a trial on neck cancer, the combination of Split Gill extract with radiation treatment saw an increased survival rate from 73.4% to 86.7%. 
  • Other studies on Split Gill extract have also shown it to possess anti-tumor properties with promising results on cervical and lung cancers, gastric cancer,  uterine cancer,  and squamous cell carcinoma. 
  • It appears that Split Gill extract works by enhancing the body's own natural defenses, which is why it's effective as an adjunct to other therapies.  
  • An active compound from Split Gill, sizofiran, proved effective in helping to restore the immune system after radiation treatment. 

 Features of our product

  • Quality Assured.
  • From an ISO-certified company.
  • 100% CLEAN active mycelium liquid Mother culture.
  • Each syringe contains a proven high-output isolated sub-strain.


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