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Pink Oyster Mushroom Growing Kit | Pleurotus Djamor Mushroom Growing Kit

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Buy Pink Oyster Mushroom Growing Kit

Product Name: Pink Oyster Mushroom 

Scientific Name: Pleurotus djamor

Product Type: Freshly Prepared or spawned 

Medium: Sawdust 

Incubation & Temperature: 

Expected Yield: 200-300 Gram


Pleurotus djamor, commonly known as the pink oyster mushroom, is a species of fungus in the family Pleurotaceae. It was originally named Agaricus djamor by the German-born botanist Georg Eberhard Rumphius and sanctioned under that name by Elias Magnus Fries in 1821.  

Pink oyster mushroom is Pleurotus djamor var. roseus that has a light to dark pink colored cap depending upon the strain and growing conditions. It is one of the fastest-growing Pleurotus species and can readily colonize on any kind of agricultural waste including wheat or paddy straw, sugar cane bagasse in 8 to 10 days (20-25C). The fruit body formation also takes very little time (10-15 days) as compared to all other Pleurotus spp. It is suitable for cultivation during warmer conditions. 


The Pink Oyster mushroom has a short stem. The cap and stem grow in various attractive shades of pink. Unlike the grey-coloured Oyster mushroom, the Pink Oyster mushroom has a cap about 5 cm across. Pink Oyster mushrooms have a meaty flavour and texture.

Storage and shelf life

Fresh Oyster mushrooms are best stored in the refrigerator where they will keep fresh for about three days.

Flavour and use 

  • Like the Golden Oyster mushroom, the Pink Oyster mushroom is excellent in vegetarian dishes because of its meaty taste and texture. 
  • Oyster mushrooms are also frequently used in oriental stir-fries. 

Nutritional Importance & Benefits   

  • Multiple studies have assessed the biochemistry of the pink mushroom specifically (and/or its white variant) and found many substances known to have medicinal value. 
  • One study, for example, specifically assessed the anti-oxidant effect of an extract of the mushroom and found that it is indeed strong enough that eating the mushroom likely has related health benefits.
  • The Pink oyster mushroom was one of the species assessed for antibiotic activity against several species of disease-causing bacteria; although the pink oyster was not the most potent in the study, the differences were minimal, and the pink oyster extract was effective against the bacteria.
  • In general, these mushrooms can act beneficial for these functions: Anti-tumor and anti-cancer properties, Immune support, Cholesterol reduction, Hypertension treatment, Vascular health support, Antiviral properties, Antibacterial properties, Antioxidant properties, and Arthritis treatment. 

This kit contains

Mushroom spawn, Straw, Bag, Rubber bands, Cultivation Guide print 

How to use the mushroom kit?

1. Once you receive the kit remove mushroom seeds from it and keep them at 2-8 degrees Celcius.

2. Sterilize the straw using steaming or chemical method as protocols provided in the guide.

3. after sterilization add mushroom seeds and pack the bags.

4. Incubate these bags for 15-18 days in a cool place. [Temperature range- 22-27 degrees celcius]

5. After 18 days start spraying water.

6. You would receive the first harvest of mushrooms on 24-25 days. [Humidity level-75-90%]

7. Second and third harvest will come after intervals of 10 days.

8. Enjoy fresh mushrooms.

9. Detailed procedure will be available in prints.


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