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Juda's Ear Mushroom Ready to Fruit Kit (1 kg- Block)

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Buy Juda's Ear Mushroom Ready to Fruit Kit  (Technical Guide Print will be attached)

Product Name: Juda's Ear Mushroom, Wood Ear Mushrooms, Black Fungus

Scientific Name: Auricularia auricula-judae

Product Type: Freshly Prepared or spawned 

Block weight: 1-1.3 Kg

Medium: Sawdust

Incubation & Temperature:  

Expected Yield: 200-300 Gram


Wood ear mushrooms are known by many names. They're often called black, jelly, or wood ear fungus, and may also be known as cloud ear, Judas's ear, jelly ear, or kikurage mushrooms. All of these mushrooms belong to the Auricularia genus, while wood ear mushrooms are specifically Auricularia auricula.

As their name implies, wood ear mushrooms look like ears and can grow on many types of wood or other plants. The Judas Ear grows throughout the year, on living and dead trees. It is most commonly found in elders. It is a common and increasingly widespread species.


The name originates from the tradition that Judas hanged himself on an elder tree after he had betrayed Jesus. The elder is the Judas Ear’s favorite host plant. The fungus also resembles an ear.

Storage and shelf life

Pure Culture Should be stored at 2-8 degrees Celcius.

Flavour and use  

  • The Judas Ear is a versatile mushroom. It is delicious in soups and cooked dishes.  
  • Wood Ears are being studied for effects on the blood, as they contain a compound that inhibits clotting. This mushroom may be beneficial in preventing heart attacks and strokes. In China, this mushroom is believed to enhance health and treat ailments when eaten regularly or brewed in tea.
  • Wood Ear mushrooms have not seen much exposure outside of Asian cuisine as they are texturally unique and do not inhibit the typical flavor profiles that many mushrooms share. They have been commonly reserved for soups and stir-fries to add a textural and visual component to the dish. 

Nutritional Importance & Benefits

  • Wood ear mushrooms are known for being low in fat and calories but rich in protein and other nutrients. A wood ear mushroom is a particularly good source of B vitamins. 
  • Wood ear mushrooms are also a good source of dietary soluble fiber, omega fatty acids like linoleic acid, and antioxidants.
  • Compared to other mushrooms, like oyster mushrooms or the common white mushrooms that you can find in virtually every supermarket, wood ear mushrooms usually tend to have larger quantities of minerals. The only exception to this is potassium, which wood ear mushrooms only have trace amounts of. 
  • Wood ear, essentially only has B vitamins. 
  • Wood ear mushrooms also have more protein and less fat than most other mushrooms.
  • Mushrooms are typically considered to be healthy foods, and many of them are also considered to have medicinal properties. Mushrooms are considered to be of medicinal value in countries like Korea, China, Japan, and Russia. Although this may sound like an herbal remedy or old wives' tale, some of the compounds found in mushrooms have even been used in clinical trials. 

This kit contains

Mushroom spawn, sawdust substrate, Bag, Rubber bands, Cultivation Guide print. 

How to use the mushroom kit?

1. Once you receive it keep it in a 20-250c environment.

2. After 4 days you may cut the bag and spray water.

3. Keep spraying water.

4. Pinheads will come out.

5. In two days you will get big fruits. 


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