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Understand the product you order

Mushroom spawn, cultures and or any other live product might get damaged when it takes more time to reach the destination. Biobritte uses third party courier or parcel system. Thats why these agents may have different pattern of working. Normally if the parcel get delays in transport and get damaged we request you to share pictures of products to our whatsapp number 9923806933 or 9673510343 or email biobritte.agro@gmail.com . We shall respond in 48 hours to your case and will do the needful as per request of customer. 

Ordered but Cancelled from Our Side

We might cancel our order if products are not in stock or backordered. 

If we have cancelled your order from our side you will get refund in 24-48 hrs according to the payment gateway protocol. 

Shipping Policy

Minimum handling day for orders is 24-48 hours. Our logistic partners are DTDC, Fedex only. If you observe any damaged product or damaged box or parcel. Report us within 4 hours. We refund or can replace items. All orders will be shipped with in 2-3 days.

Product policies

Some products are need to be sent in different packaging such as gel ice or dry ice packaging. These charges will be extra if needed.

Return Policy

If parcel has shelf life more than 1 month that parcels only accepted for returns. Mushroom spawn, cultures can't be returned. It can be only returned if it has any damage or broken.

Refund Policy

If product in package or parcel is damaged. Amount will be refunded or product can be replaced as per customer request. If refund is request the refund will be processed in at least 24-48 hours.

Cancellation Policy

 Processed orders for shipping will not be cancelled.

Any queries

Please reach us at +91-9923806933 or biobritte.agro@gmail.com

Our Story


Our mission is to provide access to the mycological world through spawn production, research, and innovative mushroom cultivation. Biobritte is the brainchild of Parimal Udgave an admiration for all things related to the mycological world. What began as a love for mushroom foraging and cultivating has developed into an obsession with all things fungi and Spreading the Spore to the masses. Biobritte Agro Solutions Private Limited is registered in June 2018 however, was founded in 2016 (Formerly Known as Parimal Enterprises) as small business by Mr. Parimal Ramesh Udgave.

State of art mushroom tissue culture facilities

Tissue culture technique is used to bring the edible mushroom to pure culture so that the mushroom fungus can further be used to prepare spawn, which is an essential material for mushroom cultivation. This nucleus culture is grown on Potato Dextrose Agar medium in test tubes. Biobritte procures high quality strains of mushrooms form different research labs around world.

State of art spawn development facilities

Biobritte produces 100% of the spawn used at its facility.

Cordyceps Militaris Mushroom Growing Facilities

In 2020, Biobritte started to grow Cordyceps mushrooms and successfully grown cordyceps with highest cordycpein percentage. Biobritte is Maharashtra's first cordyceps mushroom Laboratory and company which sucessfully grown and commercialized in Indian Market and Export market.

India's first Largest Grower of Cordyceps Mushrooms

Biobritte has dedicated lab facility for manufacturing or growing cordyceps mushrooms in large quantities.

Spores to Capsules

Biobritte manufactures cordyceps spores, grows and processes it in dried, powdered and capsule form.

Our Leadership

Founder & Director

Mr. Parimal Ramesh Udgave


MSc Biotechnology -Sheffield Hallam University, England, United Kingdom
BSc Agricultural Biotechnology- VNMKV India

Presently also working with

GLG (Gerson Lehrman Group, Inc): Mushroom Consultant and Council Member
TMR Publishing Group : Life Research Journal Reviewer

Work experience

Laboratory Manager: Greenthumb Farms Brunei:
Assistant Professor: Dr. BSKKV University, Dapoli, MH , India

Research Interest

Mushroom Biology, Nano-biotechnology, Agricultural Biotechnology, Soil Toxicity

Current work

Strain Improvement and Cordycep Mushrooms Cultivation

Submerged Cultivation of cordycep mushrooms

How we started it

Completed MSc Biotechnology in England

MSc Biotechnology -Sheffield Hallam University, England, UK

Biobritte was founded

In June 2018

Started in Brunei as Laboratory Manager

Previously worked as Laboratory Manager at Greenthumb Farms Brunei. Greenthumb farm is biggest mushroom farm in Brunei which cultivates edible mushrooms and medicinal mushrooms.

Passion & Expertise

He always had interest in growing different type of mushrooms. He worked on medicinal mushrooms while working in GTF. His expertise includes sawdust spawn, grain spawn and liquid spawn. Besides this he was backbone of company's technical work including lab set ups, growing facilities and growing mushrooms in artifical facilities.

Growing Mushrooms using Low Cost technology

Parimal believes in low cost growing of mushrooms. According to him, mushrooms should be cheap and easily available to all economic segement of people. In order to make this mushrooms should be grown at low costs.

Following International Food Safety and Food Hygiene Norms

Biobritte follows highest possible Following International Food Safety and Food Hygiene Norms. Biobritte grows mushrooms with complete organic method. Biobritte owns its own high tech mushroom spawn laboatory along with the biobritte processes these mushrooms in high tech facility. Biobritte provides products which are completely made in house at biobritte.

  • Culture Reserve for uninterrupted cordyceps cultivation

  • Seperate Laminar Air Flow Areas for different processes

  • Dedicated Lab Rooms

  • Seperate Liquid Spawn Facility

  • Seperate Incubation Facility

  • Seperate Growing Facility

  • Healthy Growth

  • Aseptic Harvesting and Post harvest processes

  • Cordyceps Capsulation