Biobritte Agro Solutions Pvt. an ISO 9001:2015 Certified company working and expanding into Hitech farming along with Research and development consulting. We supply our different products and consult international and local agro based businesses and start ups or projects. Contact us at

Hydroponics and Aeroponics Growing Consulting Services

We at Biobritte Agro are effectively occupied with Advanced Agriculture industry since 2018, we have been executing and overseeing ventures in India, Asia, East Africa and Middle East.
   We are India's first of organization to effectively doing exploration in Agricultural Biotechnology research and development. Most recent couple of years we have picked up magnificence in developing fascinating herbs and vegetables under Aeroponics Growing. The mission is about to set and promote Urban Farming Models.
   Our primary objective is to pick up perfection in agribusiness and to guarantee top quality produce to contend in International Markets. We have taken a shot at both, in reverse just as forward mix to guarantee ventures overseen by us accomplish most noteworthy productivity and quality.
  We are pleased to highlight couple of lines on Biobritte Agro. The development of Hydroponics Industry and Advanced Agriculture Sector has increased the need of believable and dependable Hydroponics Companies. Besides, the worthwhile returns that this industry offers have pulled in a few people towards it. In any case, absence of learning and consultancy has been the greatest block being developed of this segment. This is the place Biobritte Agro comes in.

Biobritte Agro Specialize in:
·       Modern technique of Hydroponics, Aeroponics Growing.
·       Setting up export oriented flower/vegetable/herbs projects.
·       Selection and supply of plants and varieties
·         Planning & layout
·        Preparation of project report
·        Growing and international marketing of floriculture/vegetable product
·            Project Management
·         Revival of sick units

Our Strengths:
·     ·  Comprehensive consultancy right from conceptualization to final setup of project.
·    ·Projects of International Parameters.
·  ·Protects you from learning curve, with proven implementation, growing, and marketing modules.
·       ·Innovative cultivation techniques and methods
·       ·Innovative marketing approach
·        ·Efficient selection of project management team

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