Biobritte Agro Solutions Pvt. an ISO 9001:2015 Certified company working and expanding into Hitech farming along with Research and development consulting. We supply our different products and consult international and local agro based businesses and start ups or projects. Contact us at

Our Company Objectives

Biobritte Agro Solutions Private Limited is based in Kolhapur, Maharashtra. Company is working on research and development in the agricultural biotechnology domain. Our company promotes Organic Farming and Urban Agriculture. We provide all solutions for Agricultural Problems and Projects. We promote 100% organic food production. We are also into food product development industry.

Main Object of Company -
To produce, promote, trading, marketing, developing agriculture produce includes Mushrooms and its cultivation/ other ancillary processes.

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Marketing and Promotion   

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Empowering Youth

Other Objectives-
  1. Developing educational tools for agricultural professionals, student, farmers, other persons by establishing training center to enhance technological Modern farms and agricultural operations work.
  2. To create scientifically trained personnel for the promotion of agriculture produce including mushrooms; its production and consumption.
  3. To create employment opportunities in rural areas of Maharashtra.
  4. To engage rural people and student with entrepreneurial abilities for the creation, development and  trading of mushrooms.
  5. To develop and assist in constructing mushroom industry that will make a significant contribution to the rural economy.
  6. To foster confidence, assistance and instruction through the likelihood of foreign trade opportunities and creating export base for mushrooms and other agriculture produce.
  7. To manufacture, trade mushroom-based foods to the Indian and International Market.
  8. To manufacture, trade other food products which comes in category of fresh, dry, processed, Preserved and unprocessed food.
  9. To supply modern farming equipments to possible foreign customer base.
  10. To supply hardware materials and computer controller assemblies for protected cultivation or indoor farming and outdoor farming firms which are based in India and Abroad.
  11. To research, manufacture and trade to supply growing materials such as seeds and related products to consumers in India and Abroad.
  12. To research, manufacture and trade supply of Agro-Bio based analytical instruments to the Indian and foreign customer base.
  13. To research, manufacture and trade supply of agricultural microbiology related based products, organic fertilizers, and supplements to consumers in India and Internationally.
  14. To research, manufacture and supply food products for cattle feed to consumers in India and Internationally.
  15. To create world-class agricultural entrepreneurship facilities and technical training programs for Indian and Foreign students and startups.
  16. To support, consult agricultural and bio-sciences based startups and organizations at local and international level.
  17. To cultivate and trade medicinal plants and extracts to Indian and International Market.

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