Mushrooms: Untapped resources of Nutricious Food

Mushrooms: Untapped resources of Nutricious Food

Mushrooms represent one of the world's greatest untapped resources of nutritious food. Presently mushrooms are regarded as a macro-fungus with a distinctive fruiting body.

Macrofungi have been used as a valuable food source and as traditional medicines around the world, especially in Japan and China.

Many health promoting substances e.g. antimicrobial, anticancer, antioxidant, cholesterol lowering property and immunostimulatory effects have been documented for some species of mushrooms.

Mushrooms are considered good source of fats, soluble and insoluble fiber, beta-glucans, chitin, phenolic compounds and ribonuclease.

The fruiting bodies of mushrooms are characterized by high level of well assimilated mineral elements.

Major mineral constituents in mushrooms are potassium, phosphorous, sodium, calcium and manganese, while copper, zinc and iron form parts of the minor constituents.



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