Black poplar mushroom: Health benefits

Black poplar mushroom: Health benefits

Black poplar mushroom scientifically known as Agrocybe aegerita or cylindracea is an edible mushroom. The common name is a pioppino mushroom, chestnut mushroom, sword-belt mushroom, velver pioppin, Yanagi-matsutake (Japan), yangshugu and chaxingu (China). It is known as poplar mushroom because it grows on deciduous wood and bark mulch, preferably stumps of poplar trees.

The black poplar mushroom possesses high nutritional and therapeutic value with significant antioxidant, antimutagenic, antitumor, antifungal, hypercholesterolemic, hypoglycemic and hyperlipidemic, immunomodulating, and lipid peroxidation inhibitory properties.


Nutritional value of black poplar mushroom
Black poplar mushroom offers a good source of protein (25–30% of dry weight) and reduced fat content. It has 8 different kinds of essential amino acids and abundant vitamins and minerals like selenium, potassium, and other components.

Health benefits of Black poplar mushroom
1. Black poplar mushroom is rich in selenium
2. Treat hyperuricemia
3. Anti-microbial properties of poplar mushroom
4. Antifungal properties of poplar mushroom
5. Rich in nutrients
6. Anti-aging properties of poplar mushroom
7. Manage diabetes
8. Treat cancer and inflammation
9. Boost immune system
10. Biofortification of lithium
11. Lower cholesterol level
12. Antioxidant properties

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