Three Effective Ways To Consume Cordyceps Mushrooms

Three Effective Ways To Consume Cordyceps Mushrooms

Following are the Three Effective Ways To Consume Cordyceps Mushrooms:

1. Cordyceps Capsules

Cordyceps can be dried and placed in “00” capsules, in which the average amount of powdered mushroom/capsule is about 500 mg.

Taking up to 2 capsules morning and evening for mild to moderate immune support and 2- 3 capsules 3 times a day for specific immune-suppressed conditions is generally recommended.


2. Cordyceps Powder

Cordyceps powders are equivalent to Cordyceps capsules in dosing and effectiveness.

Add them to soups and stews, or drink them in a tea or broth made from powdered Cordyceps.


3. Cordyceps Tea

  • Cordyceps tea is similar to making Green tea.
  • Take six to eight Cordyceps fruit bodies in 200-250 ml potable water.
  • Keep boiling Cordyceps bodies in water for 1 minute.
  • Now, after one minute of the hard boil, put the flame at the lowest setting, cover the vessel with a lid and let it simmer for another 14-15 minutes. Research says that preparing Cordyceps tea by this method takes out maximum water-soluble components from Cordyceps into the water. 
  • Serve and drink your refreshing Cordyceps tea preferably after the meals.
  • Fill the tea in your thermos bottle for later use. Keep the bodies. Eat the bodies. Or toss them into your meals or soups.
  • Take Cordyceps tea twice a day for full effects.
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