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Mushroom Business in Maharashtra

Mushroom is the fleshy edible fungus which can be grown artifically. There are more than thousands of mushroom species but not all mushroom species are edible. 

Photo: Oyster Mushrooms

1. Oyster mushrooms are very common and famous mushrooms in the category of edible mushrooms. They comes in different colour and morphology. It can be grown all times.
2. Button mushrooms are commonly recognized and came before oyster mushrooms. However, growing button mushrooms is tedious as compared to oyster mushrooms. Need huge investments.
3. Milky mushrooms are grown in summer as it needs very high temperatures.
4. Other types include medicinal mushrooms which needs complete  technical knowlege to grow.

Mushroom Learning Center, Kolhapur is promoting and teaching hundreds of people in the region of maharashtra state of India. We are promoting its use as food.

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Paul Stamets

“Of all mushrooms commonly consumed, oyster mushrooms stand out as exceptional allies for improving human and environmental health. These mushrooms enjoy a terrific reputation as the easiest to cultivate, richly nutritious and medicinally supportive.”